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    design & quality

    • L&T POTTERY is the Leading Fibreclay manufacturer in China with an annual production capacity of 2000x40’HQ. It covers an area of 120,000 ㎡ and employs 400 workers. It enjoys great logistic condition with only one and half hours’ drive to the seaport and one hour to the airport.

    • L&T POTTERY has been specialized in manufacturing Fibreclay Products for 12 years. L&T POTTERY’s products are LIGHT WEIGHT, STRONGNESS and UV & FROST RESISTANCE with FINE DESIGN, and have been well recognized by the market and getting increasing popularity year by year.

    • L&T POTTERY sticks to “Quality First” value. The comprehensive Quality Control System is well established and the integration of abundant experiences and mature control system TEAM are the foundation for industry-leading production efficiency and extraordinary product quality.

    • L&T POTTERY values Customers’ needs. We are aiming at providing unparalleled services to our customers. The sales team of 20 people is in place to provide prompt and professional response to customers’ needs.

    We are looking forward to fulfilling our vision, Beautiful Garden Beautiful Life,together with you!


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