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“Kids’ Asian Union Camp” involves six Northeast Asian countries (China, Mongolia, Russia, Japan, North and South Korea), bringing together children from these countries to join in nature education activities through education and play.

Some 300 children and 400 staff members have joined nature camping activities over the past 10 years.


Kids'AU Camp History

in 2000 Committee to promote children’s nature experience exchange program in Northeast Asia was established.
in 2001 Japan hosted the first Northeast Asian children’s nature experience camp with support from citizens, academics, lawmakers, the Governor of Bikake, and sponsored by 49 organizations such as the Ministry of Education, foreign embassies as well as 151 businesspeopleJapan also hosted the fourth consecutive camp in 2004.
in 2004 The Kids’ Asian Union Executive Committee was reorganized.
in 2005 The 5th Kids’ Asian Union Camp was hosted by Korea
in 2006 The 6th Kids’ Asian Union Camp was held in MongoliaThe Camp was held for three consecutive years in Mongolia till 2008
in 2009 The 9th Kids’ Asian Union Camp was held in KoreaThe Kids’ Asian became the NPO Corporation and has set up national branches in China, Russia, Mongolia and Korea
in 2010 The 10th Kids’ Asian Union Camp was held in Japan in 2010Japan also hosted the next Camp in 2011